Planning a House with Garden: What to Do?

Planning for a dream home is always a mesmerizing task to do. Especially, when you are planning something that will give you comfort and entertainment.

For attaining both comfort and entertainment, you need to build a house with a big garden. Garden gives your house a better look and allows you to relieve from all the stresses that you got the whole day. Spending a few moments in the garden can enhance your productivity and give you a positive mood.

So, what are those things that you should do when planning for a house? Keep reading… We’ll be answering this question in the following words-

  1. Pick the Perfect Location

Picking up the perfect location for a home is a task that needs utmost care and professionalism. You can’t just buy a place and start working without going through the proper assessment mechanism. Your house needs to be near to your job site and the land should be good to make a beautiful garden.

  1. Follow the Sun

When planning for the dream home, you should consider the sunrise and sunset. We love to see sunrise and sunset from our bedroom, and the plants in the garden need the sunlight too.

So, the plan must be in a way by which you can see sunrise or sunset from your bedroom and the plants get enough sunlight to remain healthy.

  1. Arrange Proper Water Supply

Water supply is a must for gardening. And when you are planning your home with a garden, you must ensure that there is enough source of water from where you will fill the tanks to consume, use in the household and water the plants.

  1. Test Soil
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Soil-testing is a mandatory task for both home and garden planning. For the structural integrity of your home, soil testing is mandatory. But when it comes to gardening, the soil must be of good quality to grow plants.

Although you can replace the soil with proper gardening soil, it is better to pick a place that already has good soil structure.

  1. Match Home Color with Garden

When picking the exterior color of your home, you should consider the color of the plants in your garden. Doing this can massively increase the beauty of your sweet home.

Generally speaking, blue, green and purple goes best with a garden.

  1. Keep Distance between Home and Garden

Keep a minimum of a two-meter distance between your house and the garden. Let me tell you why? Plants and leaves decay over time and when you put the garden close to your house, those stains the exterior. Apart from the staining problem, putting the garden close to the house increases the moisture of the exterior that increases the mold growth on the surface.

  1. Don’t Put Lights in the Garden

We love lightings but plants don’t. So, you should decorate the interior of the home with proper lightings but should avoid placing bulbs that light up the garden at night. See for home decoration ideas.

Lighting up the garden at night will attract the harmful species to come in the garden and eventually, you’ll see different diseases are growing in the plants.


Humans are social species and we love to hang out. Is there any better place than the garden side to hang out with your family and friends? A beautiful house with a garden and pool is a dream that a lot of people chase. If you are going to make your dream true, keep the above tips in mind to avoid any future problems.

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