Planning For Your Garden In October

Fall is already here all over the backyard garden. Not that autumn is devoid of charm, but it does suggest that some wonderful summer and spring growers have died down. Not every bit is sacrificed, though, as there are lovely plants we can easily grow that will please us right up to the early part of winter.

Falling leaves and flowers losing their color trigger thoughts of necessary activities. Fall has been proclaimed, and the chilly season that follows requires gardens to be prepared. Anywhere from now and spring extreme conditions will set in, which often can damage or destroy the things living in your fall garden if they are not protected. There a number of activities which should be done to prepare the garden.

People who own treed gardens must ensure that the trees are trimmed in time. This requires getting rid of dead tree branches, and a pair of garden shears is often all that’s required. These have got the possibility of suffocating the healthy branches by preventing sunlight from getting through. Quite a few people are under the faulty impression that dead leaves really are a great natural source of fertilizer. Trouble is that the soil quality could be weakened by leaf-borne diseases.


Potassium promotes winter hardiness in plants, so be sure your fertilizer includes it. Shelter from wintertime cold is provided by the shielding layer. This is the perfect opportunity for planting those plants that will bloom in the spring. Should you have an old covering of fertilizer, remove it and lay a new one. Only disease-free dead leaves, whenever you want to use them, may be spread evenly as a soil covering.

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The introduction of October offers you with the most opportune time to plant evergreens. Get ready for planting by watering the soil one or two days beforehand. Bulbs must be properly watered, while not being drowned, once you plant them. Remember to always utilize the weather, if it’s going to pour with rain in a few hours, don’t waste your time watering the plants as this could be dangerous to your plants.


The earth must also be dug in the fall. You need to drill down a minimum of 15 cm deep. Before tilling the soil, all loose vegetation including leaves and fallen fruits must be taken out. Diseaseless leaves and fruit are great for enriching the soil, so only burn them if they are not healthy.

Something different to consider is the lawn. Cutting the lawn extremely short is the right way to prepare your lawn for the winter. Remember that there are fertilizers which are specifically made to maintain your lawn’s health, so feed it that.


As October is a perfect month for those projects, you can keep all your tools out and take the opportunity to transfer the plants from one place or another before the winter. A blanket of foil is exactly the thing to stop your heat-loving decorative plants from freezing. Two sheets of foil are enough, depending on the size of the plant. The brightness reflected by snow is pretty harsh, so protect especially the younger plants by painting their bottom parts.

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