Plant Care During The Summer Holidays

Your time for rest and relaxation away from home is a period of strain for the indoor plants which remain behind, but a little preparation before you leave will ensure that they will be unaffected by your absence.

Leaving plants during the summer months can be a problem because the plants will be actively growing and their water requirement will be much greater than during the winter months. If your holiday is for more than a week, the most satisfactory solution is to persuade a friend to call in occasionally and look after them. If your friend has little experience make sure that the perils of overwatering are explained.


When a plant babysitter is not available trim off buds and flowers, move the pots out of the sun and water them thoroughly. If you can, surround the pots with damp peat. This procedure will not be enough for a long holiday in midsummer. A number of automatic watering devices are available; capillary matting soaked by a dripping tap in the kitchen sink is an excellent answer to the problem.

Individual pots can be stood on wick waterers or they can be slipped into polythene bags, which are then sealed with self-adhesive tape.



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