Planters For The Indoor Garden

Planters For The Indoor Garden – The single planter is the most popular of all indoor gardens.Until recently long troughs of metal, wood or plastic were the only popular containers, but there is now a wide range of cylindrical and cubic containers in every shade of tough plastic. A black or white planter is recommended for modern home decor.

Water carefully so that the surrounding peat does not become waterlogged. If the pots are stood on a thick layer of peat, the roots can be allowed to grow through the drainage holes and into the moist peat so that the planter becomes a self-watering one. The usual recommendation where the pots stand on a shallow layer of gravel or peat is to lift or turn the pots occasionally to prevent rooting.

The size of planters for the indoor garden varies enormously. Egg cups have been used for tiny succulents – at the other end of the scale indoor gardens draining into the hardcore of the house have been built into the floors of the homes of the rich and design-conscious. Whatever the size, the effect will be enhanced if you choose the right background for your planter. Plain wood and a mirror or mirror tiles are ideal.

A black and white planters for modern home decor

The multiple planter

The simpliest type consists of two or more ordinary containers pushed together to form a multiple planter for indoor garden. The best type is a tailor-made garden designed to fit the allotted space. The average handyman can quite easily construct a multiple planter from plastic-coated board – for maximum effect the planting units should be on different levels. The cracks between the boards must be sealed.

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Each planting unit can be treated individually from both the planting and cultural standpoint. For example, plants can be grown in the unit closest to the window, the lowest unit is used for indoor bedding (wax begonia, coleus, crocus etc) which changes with the season and finally the tallest units provide a permanent backcloth of foliage house plants. An added advantage is that each unit can be individually watered so that moisture-lovers can be grown alongside cacti and succulents.

Several proprietary types of vertical multiple planter are available. Each unit is clipped on to the one below to form a tower – plants are potted into the open side of each unit.

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