Planting In Wall Pots

Planting in wall pots – The container gardener can extend the number of plants and the growing area by using a variety of wall pots attached to available walls. These are especially useful for planting up balconies where it is unlikely that there will be room for raised beds to accommodate climbers to cover walls or trellises.

Using wall pots

The most attractive wall pots are made in terracotta with flat backs. They come in various shapes and designs and groups of these can be positioned on a wall, planted to paint an abstract picture.

Wall pots can be filled with herbs or vegetables, such as French beans, or better still trailing tomatoes that will hang over the edge of the wall pot. Using wall pots you can create the beautiful vertical garden, both in the house and in the garden. But, wall pots are not suitable for all plants, and planning and planting must be undertaken with care. If they are used for vegetables they must be placed low enough so that the leaves and fruit can be harvested easily. This position also assists watering and it is an important point that wall pots must be easily watered either by watering can or by a hose with a long-armed attachment.









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