Purple Flowers In Your Garden

Purple flowers have long been associated with royalty, pride, and luxury. But their soothing hue has also been tied with calmness and spirituality. Purple adds depth, drama, substance and subdues other bright colors creating harmony in your garden. In ancient times, purple flowers were regarded as sacred and they were usually used as offerings to gods and esteemed royalties.

Purple flower has a range of hues, from sweet lavender to deep violet. No matter what the type of purple flowers chosen, a garden filled with purple blooms often represents admiration and praise for great accomplishments. Darker shades of purple flowers however, are associated more with power and magnificence. Lighter shades are associated more with youthful splendor and loveliness.


When you are choosing the various purple flowers you will need to think about the seasonal changes. This is important as some flowers just won’t bloom in winter or some refuse to grow well during summer. The best way to show the beauty of these flowers is to buy a mix of seasonal flowers and the different shades to create a vibrant flower garden.


Purple lavender combined with white flowers

Your purple flowers don’t have to be confined only to the flower beds they can be planted around trees to provide a dramatic look. You could plant Cloudland Rhododendrons under some trees. The bright purple blue flowers with their silver-grey and green leaves will make the tree stand out even more.



You could have Crepe Myrtle growing as a hedge flower. These purple flowers are summer flowering plants that have large clusters of bright purple flowers that grow on the new tips of the shrub branches. As these shrubs with their clusters of flowers are easy to care for you can see many gardens in warm climates having these shrubs planted in various places.

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purple-garden-flowers Rhododendron Purple

To bring out the beauty of the Crepe Myrtle’s purple flowers you can plant other flowers under the shrub. You may want to have a carpet of purple and golden crocus planted around the shrub. Another great flower for you to plant in borders and along your garden paths is that of the Day Lily ‘Little Grapette’. This flower has a golden yellow colored center that is surrounded by ruffled purple petals. The dark green foliage provides a perfect background for this stunning flower. To get the most from this purple flower you should plant masses of this Little Grapette flower. This way you will continue to see lots of purple flowers waving in tubs, and edging your flower beds.

Day Lily Little Grapette

Day Lily ‘Little Grapette’

There is a rich variety of purple flowers to choose from. Purple daisies are very elegant and come in colors that range from royal purple to orchid purple. Blooming in spring, the purple lilacs signify youth, and humility. The exotic purple lilies also exemplify magnificence. The lovely purple calla lily comes in different shades of light lavender to bright purple. Purple orchids also come in various shades, but they have the advantage of lasting for more than a month after being picked.

purple flower garden purple-lilac1

The flower that is always associated with love and romance is the rose. It also has a purple variety, which gives a touch of uniqueness. Purple roses represent love at first sight. Purple is a soothing hue that is also equally appealing to the eyes. It gives off an aura of enchantment, just as your world stopped briefly at the moment you cast your eyes on your beloved one. Irresistibleness and alluring charisma of the recipient is what purple roses convey.

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Purple flowers can also be mixed with other flowers of a different color. A different mix of colors creates different effects. If you mix purple flowers with yellow flowers in your garden, they would be equally emphasized and would create a high contrast view. A more eye-catching flower bed is mixing orange with purple flowers. Adding some greenery to purple flowers would create a sense of freshness and of spring. To highlight the beauty of purple flowers, you can mix in some white or cream flowers. Pink flowers can also be used to add some touch of elegance.

purple-flower-border purple heart

These are just a few of the many different purple flowers that you can plant in your garden. With the right care and mixing of flower types through your garden these purple flowers will provide your garden and home with a stunning and elegant look.


Morning Glory



purple hydrangea



Rose ‘Cardinal Richelieu’



purple1 purple-stairs



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