Reasons And Ways To Protect Plants

Reasons And Ways To Protect Plants – Plants are the basis of all life forms of this planet and therefore it is of great importance that we protect as many species of plants as possible. Plants are the primary factors that constitute the food cycles and all other nature based cycles in the environment.

As plants are the proven backbone of our ecosystem, it is a serious threat to our natural habitat when many important species of plants have started becoming endangered from this planet. This is the worst thing that we shall leave behind for our generations to come.

There are many species that are rare and now fall under the category of protected varieties of plants. The cause of plants gradually getting endangered is very similar to those of animals getting extinct. There are many projects and that are ongoing in regards of plant conservation and protection of those varieties of plants that have slowly started to appear less.


One of the primary reasons and also the cause of plants getting extinct is the loss of its natural habitat. And this of course, is due to the non-stop expansion of humans and an increase in their habitat. With the rapid increase in the urban areas and development, plants lose their homes. Clearing off the lands for pastures and other farming or agricultural purposes is also a major concern for the plants species. The animals that graze in the open fields have gradually begun to diminish the homes for many types of plants.

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Apart from these primary causes, some natural accidents are also responsible for the elimination of the entire species of some of the plants. For instance, the case of wild fire leads to the destruction of huge areas of natural habitats of some plants.




The process of plants becoming endangered happens over a long period of time and it is not sudden. As soon as any particular plant species is identified to be as endangered, immediate steps must be taken to ensure Plant Protection of that particular variety.

Listed below are just some of the most common and very easy ways to make sure that we do our bit in saving of the plants from getting endangered:

• Stop cutting trees.
• Encourage afforestation. Plant new saplings and plants as much as you can.
• Follow the ideology of ‘Use, re-use and recycle’ in order to ensure that you make the maximum use of products.
• Control all types of pollution as far as possible.
• Ban and check control on all such activities that have negative impacts on plant life and its survival.
• Create maximum of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.
• Start (or become an active part of) various botanical gardens that have the aim of conserving rare plant species.
• Strictly avoid buying products made from plant products or remains.
• Be a volunteer in many non profit organizations that work for this cause and also donate and collect maximum funds possible for this cause.


Plants also need to be protected because of their great medicinal values. Even today, many doctors prescribe drugs that are prepared from the various extracts and products of plants. That is the reason why new plant trials must be encouraged and any new species must be made to follow the procedures of the plant patents.

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