Small Garden Project Ideas

Small Garden Project Ideas – Garden designs focus on huge acres and pieces of land, ignoring that most people are not lucky or privileged enough to enjoy such spaces. On the other hand, sometimes people come across garden ideas for small spaces they didn’t know that existed, or could not even imagine.

What we all want is to grow plants and maintain a garden that will give a refreshing tone to our house, enhancing its quality and looks. When designing small gardens, the first and most important requirement is imagination, a great eye and experience. Opposite to common belief, a small garden might have its limits, but it doesn’t need to be limiting.

The details are important here, not only because of the small spaces, but mostly because the small gardens are usually created around living areas or close to sitting areas. Garden ideas for small spaces should provide you with solutions for all possible options and combinations.

Small gardens need to have balance; this is crucial for every small space, but for gardens it is absolutely mandatory, because otherwise you will end up having a small chaos or jungle in the house, which you definitely want and need to avoid. The small garden ideas should provide you with plausible options: a great idea is to design the garden keeping in mind that the width should be approximately the 1/3 of the length. Straight lines should be avoided in general, because they give the impression of even smaller space; following curves and irregular lines is always a good idea, because the space can become more intriguing, a fact that will automatically diminish the importance of size.

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Use vertical space: today, vertical space gardening is becoming increasingly popular, because it takes advantage of space that was usually unused. Planning a vertical garden is not different compared to a regular garden; you need to find the space, determine the exposure to light, the access to water and the tools you will be using to water your plants.

If you want to have your own garden with fresh fruit and veggies, but your space is small, do not be disappointed. You can still grow vegetables in big pots, but in smaller quantities. In any case, if you don’t aspire to becoming a farmer, you can still grow your own bell peppers or tomatoes, or even little cucumbers.

The best garden ideas for small spaces are the ones that allow you to make the most out of your given space. It doesn’t matter if it is small; it’s all about having the intention and desire to create something unique and beautiful. If you have that, you have everything.

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