Spring Jobs In The Garden: The Tilling

Tilling is one of the essential gardening procedures. It needs to be done timely and properly as the fertility of your garden is directly related to tilling. Tilling a garden before planting seeds is vital in producing fruits, vegetables and even flowers. The best time to perform the tilling is in spring before you plant new seeds. Tilling is the process which turns over soil in order to uncover its under layer and blend the two together.

Tilling aerates the soil and makes the ground more receptive to new plants.Tilling can be done manually or mechanically, manually means you have to actually use a spade to dig and turn the top layer of soil. If you prefer to do this mechanically then you will need some garden power tools, which may cost you some extra money but will make life a whole lot easier.


If you really don’t have the time to look after the garden properly but enjoy a fresh, green yard full of healthy plants, then you might consider some professional assistance with your garden maintenance based landscaping and gardening contractors are quite experienced and highly skilled. The easiest way to get in touch with a reliable service provider is to get online and search the local business listings for professional garden maintenance, all the good companies are listed online for your convenience. In order to get the most out of tilling and really increase your chance of growing healthy, strong plants, here are some tips that should be worth your while.

First of all, check the condition and chemical content of your garden soil. There are soil test kits available in all garden supply stores. Depending on the test results, you may have to add certain amendments to the soil in order to make it better.

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These are relatively inexpensive and should be added to the soil before you till the garden as this will really make the soil fertile and healthy. You also have to spread manure or compost over the soil before tilling it, soften and mix about six to eight inches of the top layer of soil as this is where most flowering plants and bushes have their root systems because the top layer of soil is softer. Don’t overdo tilling as you will end up with bottom layers of soil coming up and mixing with the fertilized top layers, this is not a major problem but will have an effect on the plants.

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