Spring Lawn Care

Spring lawn care – It is time to spring lawn care and get back outside and resume our gardening and landscaping endeavors. If you are one of the few brave enough to tackle your lawn and landscape on your own, kudos to you! It can be hard work, although fun for some, to maintain a healthy, lush lawn and landscape.

There are many factors that go into a great looking property and spring is an important time to begin taking care of your precious landscape. To help get you started this year, here are the top 4 spring lawn care tips that will help you through the entire year.

1. Mowing

Many people have the wrong idea about mowing. They cut the grass down to the shortest level possible in order to wait longer between mows. The problem with this attempt to save yourself a few runs with the mower is that when grass is cut really short it exposes more sunlight, which promotes the growth of many weeds. The best technique for mowing is to mow frequently, but on a higher setting to leave the grass taller in order to shade the weeds that may be trying to take over your lawn. Sorry, looks like more passes of the mower if you want to stay weed free.

2. Weed control

Weeds can be the detriment to any great looking lawn. And the worst part is that they are very hard to control. Even if your lawn is weed free today, your neighbors weed seeds could blow across the fence at any time and leave you with a major problem. Many seeds including those of dandelions, can travel far with the wind, which means there is no way to really stop the seeds from landing a spot on your lawn. But to help control the weeds during the spring lawn care there are few things that you can do:

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– Cut off the heads of any dandelions so they don’t turn into puffballs of seeds.
– Continue to mow as stated above, frequent with a higher setting to keep weeds at bay.
– Less frequent irrigation of the lawn as more time between will kill of surface roots of weeds.

3. Repair damages

Whether your lawn suffered from a harsh winter or if you have had moles or voles digging around your property, many homeowners find that their lawn requires some damage control in the spring. Nature can take its course and heal many damages on its own, but to help the process, learn when the best time to fertilize your lawn is and be sure that you focus on proper fertilization to promote fresh new grass. Also, mowing wins again. Same as before, frequent mowing will help to restore the beauty that may have been lost to winter or lawn pests.

4. Fertilization

The last spring lawn care tip is one that many already know. Fertilization of your lawn in the spring is going to help it last all year. Your lawn has just been starved of nutrients for an entire winter and now is the time to replenish those nutrients to promote a healthy looking turf. You want to be sure that you are using a high quality fertilizer and one that is suited for your lawn.

If all of this is sounding like too much work or perhaps you just don’t have the time and energy to put into your spring lawn care, no need to worry. With the help of your local lawn and landscape professionals, you won’t have to undertake all of the work.

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