Summer Perfect Backyard

Summer Perfect Backyard – In the summer months, things really get into full swing around here. Many homeowners are thinking about ways to make their backyard a more comfortable, relaxing, and attractive place for family and friends. At first glance the process may appear overwhelming or expensive, but when you view your yard as just another room to decorate, the task suddenly becomes uncomplicated and enjoyable. By following some straightforward steps, you can create an outdoor area you and your guests will love.

Determine available space and decide how to use it. The first step in picking the best outdoor or deck furniture and accessories such as planters, umbrellas, or patio heaters for your yard, is knowing your space. When measuring your patio or deck area, keep in mind not only the total amount of space, but also your goals for your backyard.

Is this an area for relaxing in the shade with the center of the set being a low table surrounded by a comfortable couch and chairs? Or do you have a large yard where you intend to entertain big groups that will need a larger table and room for a hefty grill? Will you be purchasing deck furniture that will surround a pool? Of course there may be combinations, but analyzing your site and needs will help you make decisions. You may even form a simple sketch of your backyard and visualize where your outdoor furniture will best fit. If you need ideas, take a few minutes to look at pictures online or in magazines.

Outdoor patio furniture arrangement. As you decide on the location of your furniture and accessories, you will want to consider walkways, seating, and views to create a pleasant ambiance. Take into account the paths people will be following from patio entrances to the chairs or sofas. Circulation should occur outside the seating area if possible to avoid distraction.

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To set up comfortable seating for conversation, orient the furniture towards each other with 6 to 8 feet of space between chairs. This will produce a relaxed and social environment. Making a sense of enclosure, not unlike a room in your home will also produce intimacy and closeness. This feeling can come from trees, trellises, bushes, or fences and walls. Lastly, you will want to find a focal point for the direction of the seating such as landscaping, fountains, or planters nearby.

Sun and wind. It is important to remember the weather patterns your backyard will face. For example, if the wind normally blows to the north, you do not want to arrange your furniture to the north of a grill where smoke will be regularly blowing. Many times wind can be greatly reduced by planting trees or shrubs in the correct locations. If you plan to use your patio in warm weather take note of shaded areas or look into awnings and umbrellas. For cooler climates, you may want to choose the sunniest spot in the yard for your outdoor furniture.

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