Garden Tips: How To Maintain A Bird Feeder

The joy of watching birds is something that many people enjoy and one of the ways to attract them to your home is by offering them an easy meal. Bird feeders are great garden additions because they are safe on birds and can keep them well-nourished. However, they need to be maintained in good condition and the following are a few tips that can help to keep them in place for years.

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Attract Birds In Your Garden

Who do not enjoy the sight and sounds of birds in the garden? Even in the gray of winter, our feathered friends bring you joy and happiness as they flirt playfully about the feeder bringing color and excitement to our lives. Like all wildlife, birds need reasons to be attracted to our property. Stocking a winter feeder or providing a few birdhouses or a birdbath is a good start. By adding a few basic requirements in the form of landscape plantings, we can attract and keep birds of many species close to our homes.

Providing food, nest boxes, nesting materials, water, and natural habitat can attract birds to our backyards, giving us much nicer views of them and, when done properly, making life easier for the birds.

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