Cacti Will Beautify Every Your Room

Cacti Will Beautify Every Your Room – When people think about cactus they generally think about parched deserts and large spiny cacti growing under the hot sun as seen in old westerns movies. But the cactus is not a plant only for desert conditions. There are many varieties that do well in hot climates with little water but there are also many that have been propagated for indoor use.

Cacti are low maintenance and drought resistant and can make an ideal indoor plant for just about anyone, including those not blessed with a green thumb.

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Cacti Care

Cacti are some of the most exciting and exotic houseplants there are. Most of the species of cacti are easy to grow, even for the beginning grower. Cacti can be bought at your local home improvement center or gardening store all year round, although the summer is the best time to get them. You will also need to purchase a few things along with your
new cactus.

Pot. First, get a pot to plant it in. When you purchase the cactus, it has been in the pot that it comes in for a long time and will most likely need to be repotted. Select a pot only a little larger than the cactus’ current pot because one that is too big will cause over watering. Also make sure that there are holes for water to drain out of the pot, because without these the cactus will rot and die.

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