Planting Climbers In Mediterranean Gardens

Planting Climbers In Mediterranean Garden – One thing you see lots of in Mediterranean gardens is climbers. They grow them up the walls or over a pergola on the back of the house – some of the pergolas are wonderful, with the ’roof’ just made out of rough branches all tangled with knobbly grape-vines and bunches of fruit dripping down.  Continue Reading

Climbing Plants

Climbing Plants – Climbers produce some of the most magnificent floral displays of any plants. They can cover bare walls, fences, trellises and pergolas with sheets of bloom in every color in natures range. Yet even the largest and most rampant takes up an area of ground only the size of its trunk. Because climbers grow up first, then spread out, they actually expand the garden by growing on to otherwise blank walls or other suitable supports, leaving the beds tree for non-climbing plants.

Climbing plants will transform a bare wall and form a beautiful backdrop for your garden. Some climbers cling with suckers or aerial roots and need no support.

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