Lotus Flowers For Your Garden Pond

Lotus Flowers For Your Garden Pond – A lotus flowers can be successfully grown in ‘tubs’ in or around your pond. Large containers will work as well. Just be sure to keep them wet, and by wet the professionals mean very wet. Usually there should be at least two inches of water above the ground soil in which you plant your lotus flowers. They love the soil, however they are very thirsty plants, which is why the garden pond conditions  may be perfect. Continue Reading

Designing A Flower Garden

Designing A Flower Garden – A flower garden will bring you endless enjoyment. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it can fill your yard with fragrance and butterflies. Your friends will admire you, and you will love to relax at home while you relish your creation.

But if you create your garden haphazardly, you’ll be very disappointed. For example, if you plant the lush, tall flowers on the edges of a flower bed, they will hide the shorter ones within. If you plant a bulb in a shaded area when it needs lots of sun, it will most likely die. Continue Reading

Themes And Schemes In Flower Garden

Themes And Schemes In Flower Garden – Everyone loves a flower garden. For it is here that a multitude of delightful and lovely plants can be brought together into a picturesque whole. The combining of colors, the consideration of form and the appreciation of texture will all contribute to harmonious and pleasing flower borders. Plant catalogues and seed lists are excellent sources to be pored over and from which selections may be made. By drawing out the flower border to scale, and plotting the position of plants, a pleasing and successful display is guaranteed. Continue Reading

What To Do In The Garden During June?

What To Do In The Garden During June? June is the month when things really do start to hot up in the garden. Roses are in bloom, fruit is beginning to form, and the vegetable garden starts to offer up its bounty for harvest. Long warm nights mean we start to use the garden as an extension of our homes but during the day there are plenty of jobs to be getting on with.

In the flower garden

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to create a decorative hanging basket display in your flower garden. As the risk of frost is over, you can plant it up right now and hang it straight outside.

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Planting Against Walls And Fences

Planting Against Walls And Fences – When space on the ground is at a premium, you can grow plants on or up, walls and fences. If the planting is above ground, the container must be firmly fixed in position, so that there is no possibility of it falling.

Secure boxes on to window sills with a metal bracket or a strong wire restraint. Frequently check that the brackets and fittings remain both strong and secure.

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