Green Walls In Your Garden

A green wall is basically a vertical garden bed. Green walls are a relatively new trend, that is not only space efficient but equally productive as traditional ground based gardens.

Green walls or vertical gardens are a great alternative for gardening in small backyards, and is an ideal solution to the general increase in higher density living. Many new developments now see green walls specified by building designers and architects as the walls can become an integral part of the house design, not only offering produce but also providing shade, privacy and natural cooling to the dwelling.

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Designing A Flower Garden

Designing A Flower Garden – A flower garden will bring you endless enjoyment. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it can fill your yard with fragrance and butterflies. Your friends will admire you, and you will love to relax at home while you relish your creation.

But if you create your garden haphazardly, you’ll be very disappointed. For example, if you plant the lush, tall flowers on the edges of a flower bed, they will hide the shorter ones within. If you plant a bulb in a shaded area when it needs lots of sun, it will most likely die. Continue Reading

Garden Lighting For Perfect Look Of Your Backyard

Garden Lighting For Perfect Look Of Your Backyard – With the summer months approaching and the weather forecast indicating that certain countries are in for record temperatures, a lot of people are spending a lot more time in their gardens.

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Themes And Schemes In Flower Garden

Themes And Schemes In Flower Garden – Everyone loves a flower garden. For it is here that a multitude of delightful and lovely plants can be brought together into a picturesque whole. The combining of colors, the consideration of form and the appreciation of texture will all contribute to harmonious and pleasing flower borders. Plant catalogues and seed lists are excellent sources to be pored over and from which selections may be made. By drawing out the flower border to scale, and plotting the position of plants, a pleasing and successful display is guaranteed. Continue Reading

Colors In Your Garden

Colors In Your Garden – The handling of flower and foliage color in the garden usually causes gardeners the most difficulty, but it also entails the most fun. We all agree that some colors ‘go’ better together than others – though we may disagree which – and that in ‘going together’ these colors enhance each other. Good combinations are what we strive for, and that can involve both harmonies and contrasts.

When deciding how to plan a color scheme, it can be helpful to refer to the chart called the ‘color wheel’, which is based on the spectrum. On this circular diagram, the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) are separated from each other by related secondary colors (violet, green and orange).

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Decorative Containers: Sink Garden

Stone sinks are difficult to find, and they are expensive to buy when you track one down, but the old porcelain models are more readily available at not such extortionate prices. It is then quite easy to convert one into a good replica of a stone sink, by cleaning it, coating it with a contact bonding adhesive, and then applying a roughened layer of cement, sand, and peat, mixed together with water. The mixture should only take a few hours to dry thoroughly.

Once filled with soil and rocks, the sink will be immensely heavy, so place it in its final home while it is still empty. Even empty, it will be very heavy.

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