August in the flower garden

August in the flower garden can be a bit of a challenge. Summer is well under way and many herbaceous plants have reached their optimum flowering peak. You could be forgive for thinking that this month is a month of tidying up. However, with a bit of forward planning and some gentle encouragement you can design a planting scheme that will ensure that you have plants that flower well into the fall as well as encouraging those earlier flowering ones to produce second flushes. So in-between relaxing and enjoying summer in your garden, take a moment to check this short reminder of things you should be doing in the flower garden during August.

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Elements Of Informal Garden

Elements Of Informal Garden – Informal gardens do not have the straight walks and avenues that create obvious places for focal points. Their curves and hidden spaces should reveal eye-catching surprises at the last minute. As you round a corner, you should be confronted by something to please, astonish or amuse.

Sculptures should have a sense of movement; this is why animal sculptures often work well. How you place these eye-catchers is all-important because, as they will probably be approached from many different directions, they must look good from all angles. Sculptures will enhance wherever they are situated: they can be hidden behind foliage, hung from the branch of a tree or placed beside a pool or pond.

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Rustic Garden Design

Rustic Garden Design – The garden is our own special place, and that’s why we should start by analyzing our needs and expectations. We have to think early about how we use our garden. It’s worth taking a piece of paper, writing all the suggestions and drawing the elements that already exist in the garden.

The next step is to give a sample of soil to a laboratory and then create a base of plants with a short description about all of them. It’s worth dividing the plants into groups like grass, herbs, trees, flowers or even into more specified groups. From a list like this we can choose only the plants that we want to use in our garden.

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Window Garden

Window Garden – If window boxes and hanging baskets are the only garden you have, make the most of them. It is wonderful that English pubs have gone so wholeheartedly for highly colored hanging baskets and window boxes. Many are truly splendid in their rich and varied plantings, but all the best ones have very deliberate color schemes. They are not simply a chaos of any old colors planted together.

If you like these cheerful displays, note down what plants have been used to create them and do the same at home.

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The Short Stay Garden

Many people need their garden to look established within a single season; they often don’t have years to wait for it to develop and mature, and they perhaps don’t plan to be living in the house for more than a couple of years. There are plenty of ways to tackle the garden design so that it will look good fast.

This design includes a good mix of surfacing materials that will quickly look established. Gravel looks good almost as soon as it is laid, and plants will quickly colonize it. Likewise the use of wood as the principle hard surfacing gives the garden an organic air that is very welcoming.

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