Integrating House And Garden: Doorways And Windows

Integrating House And Garden: Doorways And Windows – The entrance to your garden is important. An interesting and inviting environment should greet you when you step out of the door. Not every door will open directly on to the garden, of course, but a row of well-tended pots could point the way to the garden, or perhaps a trellis-trained flowering climber on the wall. Continue Reading

Outdoor Wall Fountains

The outdoor wall fountains give beauty to the setting which is the most obvious benefit that it could give. It is responsible for giving dramatic and romantic ambiance particularly if it is a great background in the garden. And, if the garden is a renovated one or even it is a transformed wall fountain, it would seem like you have got a real waterfall in the garden. Continue Reading

Beautiful Flowers For Fall Garden

Beautiful Flowers For Fall Garden – There are plants which you can actually put in your fall garden. Wide range of colorful flowers will enlighten your garden and will induce life and color. The only thing you need to do is to have the perfect flowers to plant in your fall garden. Below are some top fall flower favorites of garden planters in a fall garden. Continue Reading