How To Increase Your Harvest?

How to increase your harvest? It is essential that you have an appropriate garden plan with you and you plan ahead before you start the process of gardening. You should ideally find the following yield increasing strategy useful:

1. Grow high value crops – The word ‘value’ is subjective from one individual to another. It differs from one person to the next. It makes sense to grow and invest in crops that are climate friendly and are well suited to the climate. It also matters if you are going to use the plant products (like herbs) for your own use.

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Harvesting And Storing Apples

Harvesting And Storing Apples – There are so many things you should know about the apple. It is possible to make a lots of mistakes about harvesting and storage of this fruit. There is nothing so bad as the feeling when you bite an apple which is not picked on the right way or too early, so its taste and the vitamins are not fully developed.

So, here are few advices and hints for harvesting and storing the apples! In fact, apples should always be picked very carefully. Do not just pluck them from the branches. Apples are ripe and ready for picking only when they come off easily or when pedicle apples separated easily from the branches by twisting them.

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Harvesting Nuts

The group of nuts include walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and chestnuts. The nuclei of these fruits are generally surrounded by a membrane which is need to be removed before storing. Chestnut is well known as delicious fruit which is real symbol of fall. Its pleasant aroma fills your garden. Used to eat baked, boiled or as an ingredient in cakes. Edible Chesnuts baked for 30 minutes and peeled. Chestnuts are harvested in the fall, and the fruits are removed from the prickly shell.

Before storing chestnuts need to put into the water and leave for 2 days. If chestnut fade to black, it should be removed, and the rest needs to dry and store in a dry place.

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