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Enhance Your Greenhouse with Water Features – Greenhouse Waterfall, Pond, and Water Wall

Water features, such as ponds and fountains, are usually located outdoors. However, a greenhouse water feature provides the opportunity to enjoy these elements indoors. Greenhouses are typically used to grow plants and flowers year-round, and a water feature adds a unique element to a glazed structure or polycarbonate hothouse. These features come in the form

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Sparmannia Africana Care: Tips for Growing a Thriving Houseplant

Sparmannia africana is a fast-growing plant that would normally grow into a small tree or large shrub in the wild. It features some amazing flowers, as they move whenever touched.  Sparmannia africana is also known as African hemp, African linden, house lime, or Cape stock rose. Originally from South Africa, Sparmannia africana grows in damp places on forest margins,

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Growing Bertolonia: Tips for Bertolonia Marmorata and Bertolonia Maculata

Bertolonia, or Jewel Plant, is a genus of mainly evergreen plants. All species of this genus are small, even dwarfed, with a creeping growth habit. They’re tender perennials, known for the exotic coloring of their leaves. These plants are native to the tropical forests of Brazil, although a few have been found in Venezuela.  These

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Cyperus Plant

Cyperus Plant – lt is easy to see why Cyperus is called the Umbrella plant. The grassy leaves, ranging from hair-like to quite broad depending on the species, radiate from the stiff stalks like the ribs of an open umbrella. There is just one golden rule for success with these  plants – keep the roots constantly wet. Place the 

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