How Indoor Plants Grow Under Light?

How Indoor Plants Grow Under Light? Grow lights offer a variety of benefits to indoor plants. Light-loving houseplants like hibiscus, citrus, African violets, and orchids can grow year-round under lighting. Also, a winter harvest of salad greens and herbs is possible with the proper lighting system. Here are several points to consider with the different grow lights:


The intensity of light is determined by several factors, including the distance between the light source and plants and the wattage of the bulb. Plants can vary quite significantly in relation to the amount of light required.


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Crossandra (Firecracker Flower or Orange Marmalade) plant is very decorative, compact flowering shrub, easy to grow and care for, as long as it has sufficient water and humidity. They are excellent plants for growing in planters which can be brought indoors in the winter months and grown as an indoor plant.

Crossandra starts to flower when only a few months old and the flowering season lasts from March to October. The blooms are borne on top of green flowering spikes. The leaves of Crossandra are thick and glossy and slightly resemble the leaves of the coffee plant. In its native environment it is a vigorous and enthusiastic grower and its flowers are harvested for decorating women’s hair.

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Shade Tolerant Plants For Indoors

To grow shade tolerant plants indoors, does not mean that you can just sling them into the darkest corners of your house. A low light indoor plant still needs some light in order to survive. Most shade tolerant plants will adapt well to being grown indoors. For best results, you should always try to emulate their normal growing conditions. So, no direct sunlight. Reflected, or filtered light is best.

What does low-light mean?

Basically, if assistance, as in artificial light, is needed to cross a room – it is too dark for plants to grow. There are no plants that love the dark! Mushrooms, most fungi, bats, but not plants.


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Indoor Plants Temperature Guide

Indoor Plants Temperature Guide – The natural home of most indoor plants lies in the Tropics. In this country they are raised commercially in glasshouses. These two simple facts have given rise to the widespread belief that high temperatures are essential for the proper cultivation of house plants.

The truth is that very few types will grow satisfactorily at temperatures above 75°F under ordinary room conditions. The reason is that the amount of light falling on the leaves and the amount of moisture in the air are far less in a room than outdoors in the Tropics or under glass, so the need for heat is correspondingly less.

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Indoor House Plants – Winter Care

For many indoor house plants, the decreasing light levels in late fall are a cue to enter a dormant phase, in preparation for making it through a potentially tough winter ahead. It’s important to allow your indoor house plant to rest over winter. If you continue to water and feed them as you do in summer, this will encourage them to keep on growing, putting them under strain and leading to weak, spindly growth.

However, follow top 5 tips for winter care and you’ll have healthy indoor house plants that will be raring to grow in spring.

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Indoor Plants: Balcony Garden Tips

Flower gardening is the best part time activity. You can plant the beautiful and colorful gardens in your backyards or even in your balcony. The only thing you need is to follow the proper flower gardening tips and take care of your plants. Flowering shrubs are best for indoor gardening as they do not grow taller and have an attractive appearance. Here you can read about some home gardening basics to help you plant a flower garden on you balcony.

Beautiful flowers in your garden will improve the overall appearance of your home. But what if you don’t have enough space in your backyards for planting a flower garden? Don’t worry, because here we have provided you the solution. You can plant the garden in your balcony. How is it possible? You can plant the same beautiful flower garden full of colorful flowers in large containers and pots. Rest of the gardening techniques will be similar to the ordinary gardening tips.

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