Early March Gardening

Early March Gardening – March makes for the perfect time for gathering in bedding and patio plug plants and seedlings, to give you the biggest and best bedding displays ever! Pot up and plant out after the frosts have disappeared over the next few weeks to give you the best results this summer. Don’t forget all the essentials you’ll need: pots, seed trays, labels and the all-important compost! Continue Reading

Gardening in March

March is first month of spring has arrived and your garden really begins to come alive after the long winter. But remember that March is a tricky month – it is possible to get a sunshine one day which is likely to be followed by hard frost next morning. So do not be tempted to put out any tender plants yet! Now the ground is warming up and so over this month and next month a lot of the spring planting, moving and dividing needs to be done before the hotter, drier weather sets in.

What to do in March?

Mulch soil after weeding and tidying it first. Mulch has many advantages – helps to retain moisture, prevent soil erosion, control weeds and it adds nutrients to the soil; but also makes your garden look neat and clean. As mulch you can use well-rotten farmyard manure, cocoa shells, chipped bark, mushroom compost or garden compost (the best one comes from your garden compost bin!). Apply generous layer of mulch using a spade; layer should be about 2 in deep; an important thing is to do not spread mulch too close to plant is stems, as it may cause rotting.

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