Veronica Plant

Veronica Plant – Veronica Speedwell perennial flowers are a perfect, easy to grow and easy to care for flower. While there are over 500 different species of Veronicas that come in a variety of types and sizes, the Veronica Speedwell is an attractive perennial with long tubular spikes. Veronica’s beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors including pinks, blues, purples and whites. They also add that extra something special to your garden design. If drainage is satisfactory then you will have no trouble with Veronica – no trouble to grow them, but you may well have difficulty in keeping them under control. Continue Reading

Venidium Plant

Venidium plant (Monarch of the Veldt, Cape Daisy) is in the aster family and it certainly deserves to be better known. The sunflower-like blooms are 4 in across and they are quite distinctive – at the base of each inner petal is a purple-black blotch, providing a rayed effect around the rim of the prominent black disc. The blooms on their long stems make excellent cut flowers. Mix Cape Daisy flowers into the border or plant around the vegetable garden, as they are very attractive to beneficial insects and pollinators. Continue Reading

Leopard’s Bane: Planting And Care

Leopard’s Bane: Planting And Care – If you want to fill a patch of your bed or border with large and yellow daisy-like flowers, Leopard’s bane (the genus Doronicum of family Asteraceae, also known as aconite, monkshood, or Devil’s helmet) is the one to select when you also want earliness — in many herbaceous borders it is this plant which provides the first splash of bright color amongst the herbaceous perennials. Continue Reading

Solomon’s Seal: Planting And Care

Solomon’s Seal: Planting And Care – Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum) is a shade-loving plant which will thrive in the shadow of trees and shrubs in a mixed border or in the semi-wild garden. The oval leaves clasp the arching stems, providing a graceful and decorative effect even before the bell-like flowers appear in early summer. The green-tipped white blooms are about 1 in. long – small pendent clusters lining the upper part of the stems. The flowering stems are popular with flower arrangers for indoor decoration. Continue Reading


Scabiosa (Scabious) – Scabiosa is one of the best, easy-to-grow garden flowers that you can add to your garden. It does not produce an abundance of blooms at any one time, and yet it remains a favorite herbaceous border perennial. There are two basic reasons for its popularity – flowering begins in late June and continues until the first frosts arrive, and the large flowers are excellent for arranging indoors. The frilly-edged ‘pincushions’, blue or white and up to 4 in. across, last a longtime in water and can also be dried for winter decoration. Continue Reading


Puschkinia -It is strange that this close relative of the Bluebell is so rarely grown. Puschkinia is an excellent plant for the rockery – a trouble-free, low-growing plant which bears its attractive blooms early in the year. It spreads quite rapidly by means of offsets which can be used to increase your stock.

The species grown as a garden plant is Puschkinia scilloides (Striped Squill). Flowering in early spring, each stem carries about six flowers which are open starry bells – each petal is pale blue with a central dark blue stripe. Colorful and easy, yet hardly known by gardeners. Continue Reading