Tree Schemes In The Winter Garden

The importance of trees in winter garden design can easily be overlooked. In summer they are part of the scene, making masses of leafy growth, but in winter, when the bare branches are revealed, they often have a majestic beauty.

Trees need to be looked after as much as small plants to give their best. The best trees have either colored stems or create wonderful silhouettes against the light. Mature trees might well need thinning at some stage if they are to be effective. Lopping off branches lets light get to the ground, where there are bulbs, and also makes sure that the tree has an open, striking outline. It is also important to make sure that any twiggy growth sprouting out of the base of the trunk is removed, giving a clean look.

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What You Need To Create A Backyard Oasis

What You Need To Create a Backyard Oasis РToday’s hottest trend is creating a welcoming space in your backyard. While extravagant backyard oasis sometimes include features like swimming pools with cascading waterfalls or full kitchens complete with refrigerators, you can renovate your backyard without breaking the bank. From adding a patio to tree cutting, here are a few tips for an inexpensive update to your backyard.

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Climbing Plants As Part Of Your Landscape

Climbing Plants As Part Of Your Landscape – The next time you’re doing some gardening or landscaping, and thinking about ways you can improve the aesthetics of your yard, consider adding some climbing plants as a part of your landscape. There are many climbers to choose from that will add elegance and beauty to your outdoor living area. Keep in mind that if you need to shape your garden, using landscape rakes can be beneficial to speed up the task.

When reviewing your outdoor space, try to identify those areas that you’re not very happy with. What do you want to change about them? Do you need some additional flowers or other plants? Perhaps the space doesn’t feel balanced? Climbing plants may be just the answer you are looking for to solve a variety of common problems in outdoor areas.

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Grapevines As A Part Of The Home Landscape

Grapevines As A Part Of The Home Landscape – Growing grapes is becoming a common plant to grow with the home gardener for several reasons. Their juice and fresh fruit can be used for jelly, jam, and even wine, along with being picked and eaten fresh from the vine. In addition, grape vines can add ornamental value to your home landscape when trained to grow on an arbor, or trellis for shade or screen planting.

A healthy, well managed grapevine can produce up to 20 pounds or more of fresh fruit per vine in a growing season, and once established can be productive for 40 years or more. Choosing the right cultivars, maintaining a healthy soil fertility, proper annual pruning and having a pest management plan in place is very important in growing a successful crop of grapes.


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It’s Time To Replant Sparaxis Plant!

It’s Time To Replant Sparaxis Plant –  Sparaxis plants are hardy bulbs that are usually grown as annuals. Some common names for Sparaxis plants include Harlequin Flower and Wandflower. They have lance shaped leaves and carry trumpet shaped flowers on spikes; the Sparaxis flowers may be of pink, purple, red, orange or white.

Plant Harlequin Flower bulbs in late summer to early fall 1 to 2 inches deep and spaced 4 inches apart in a sunny location with sandy, fertile soil.

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Nerines In The Fall Garden

Nerines In The Fall Garden – Nerines are usually considered to be too tender to grow outdoors, but there is one hardy species which can be relied upon to display its eye-catching flowers in the fall garden. It is the most important nerine in ornamental horticulture, highly valued for its cold tolerance, suitability as a container subject and massed bedding plant, and for its long-lasting cut flowers. The perfect annual bulb to add color when the rest of the garden is winding down, nerine produces frilly pink flower clusters.

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