Planting On Specific Locations

Planting On Specific Locations – Most places in the garden are improved by a plant, or group of plants, grown in attractive container. Often, the restricting factor is how many plants you can manage to water without it becoming too much of a chore. Give priority to sites that are constantly in view, or near the house. If the side walls of the building can be drilled safely, secure attractive wall baskets, hayracks, and hanging baskets to them, ideally near doorways, or above paths where they can be enjoyed, as well as easily watered and looked after.

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Planting Guide In November

Planting Guide In November – November is the ideal time to add to your landscape and garden. The weather is not too hot and not too cold, perfect for outdoor activity. November is also the start of the rainy season, and with any luck, rainy weather this month will help new plants take root.

Plant pansies: Pansies add quick color to any flower garden. If planted in November, flowers can last through the winter and spring.

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Planting Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) – One of the main drawbacks of growing annual flowering plants in Mediterranean and other dry climate regions is their excessive water consumption. Annuals in hot, dry summer areas require water based on at least 6mm a day, which is 6 liters per square meter. Over the year, this can amount to more than a cubic meter of irrigation water for every meter square – an unviable and unacceptable rate, unless the area planted with annual flowers is reduced to a minimum. Madagascar Periwinkle however, can be successfully grown, creating a lovely carpet of color, on a third, perhaps a quarter of that amount, thereby saving you much water and expense.

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Types Of Planters For Your Patio

Types Of Planters For Your Patio – Ceramic pots or ceramic planters as they are often called come in many colors, designs, and shapes. To decorate your backyard living space and for an added pop of color as in an azure blue, or terra cotta color, add a few to your patio or backyard garden area. These decorative planters add height to your favorite flowers and are convenient and easy to move and rearrange when the need or desire arises.

Cedar planter boxes are versatile and sturdy and come in square and rectangle shapes. These are stand alone flower containers that come in different heights for a layered look and to fill in large spaces with colorful flowers and greenery.

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What Is Organic Companion Planting?

What Is Organic Companion Planting? Organic companion planting is the process of grouping certain types of plants together to achieve better results. Other times, it’s better if certain plants were not placed together. To simplify how this works, let’s do a little experiment. Imagine you are a plant. Living in the plant world is a lot like living in the human world. There are some people you like, some you don’t, and some relationships you have are one-sided. It is the same way with organic companion planting.

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Special Considerations When Designing Your Garden

Special Considerations When Designing Your Garden – Although every family has its own special needs to consider when designing features for the garden, there are some aspects that are commonly encountered, which can pose problems. These aspects need to be given a bit of thought.

Limited space. Space may not be a problem if you  have a quarter-acre plot, but for inner-city dwellers, making the  most of limited space can present quite a challenge. 

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