stephanotis symbolism stephanotis floribunda flower

Stephanotis Floribunda: Symbol Of Marital Happiness

Stephanotis floribunda, also known as Madagascar jasmine or Bridal Veil, is usually associated with bridal bouquets, but it can also be grown as a free-flowering house plant. The word “stephanotis” comes originally from two Greek words, ‘stephanos’, meaning ‘crown’. In the language of flowers, stephanotis signifies ‘marital bliss’, and so has long been cherished as

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monstera adansonii

Mesmerizing Monstera Varieties: A Great Guide for Indoor Plant Enthusiasts

From rare Monstera species such as Monstera Obliqua Peru to the more popular variegated Monstera, this well loved house plant has been a favorite for many years. With proper care young specimens (sometimes mistakenly sold as Philodendron pertusum) soon develop large adult leaves which are perforated and deeply cut. Sturdy support is essential, as stems can

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chrysanthemum care Tips for Growing Healthy Chrysanthemums flower in the garden

Ultimate Guide to Chrysanthemum Care: Tips for Growing Healthy Chrysanthemums in Pots, Indoors and the Garden

Chrysanthemums, fall’s favorite flower, are renowned for their vibrant blooms. These plants have captivated gardeners around the world for hundreds of years. Fortunately, chrysanthemum plant care is straightforward and easy enough for even a beginner to replicate. The key to chrysanthemum care is controlling temperature and moisture, whether you’re growing them indoors or outside in

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plants for window boxes lots of colorful flower plants in window box

Create Stunning Displays: Your Guide to Plants for Window Boxes for Year-Round Color

If you’ve ever visited Europe, flower-minded or not, you may have returned with enthusiasm for the window boxes they have. Aside from the beautiful winter hanging baskets, perhaps you saw the red geraniums in Germany and Austria, or the tuberous begonias that decorate Switzerland. If you’re planning to festoon your own home with this Old

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bleeding heart glory bower

Glory Bower Plant Care: Tips for Growing Glory Bower

The Glory Bower plant (Clerodendrum) offers a captivating combination of stunning blooms, attractive foliage, and easy care, making them a popular choice for houseplant enthusiasts.  The Bleeding Heart Glory Bower flower is a rich crimson bloom peeking out from white, balloon-like calyxes, making it one of the most popular varieties.  However, the Clerodendrum genus offers

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sparmannia africana indoor houseplant frgrant flowers 3

Sparmannia Africana Care: Tips for Growing a Thriving Houseplant

Sparmannia africana is a fast-growing plant that would normally grow into a small tree or large shrub in the wild. It features some amazing flowers, as they move whenever touched.  Sparmannia africana is also known as African hemp, African linden, house lime, or Cape stock rose. Originally from South Africa, Sparmannia africana grows in damp places on forest margins,

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