Where To Put Your Indoor Pot Plants?

Where To Put Your Indoor Pot Plants? There are very few places is a home where pot plants will not grow. It must be remembered, however, that not every position will suit all plants. Indoor plants fall into three somewhat loose categories: those that have low, moderate or high light requirements. If you have identified a place in your home that you would like to liven up with plants, first assess how much ambient light there is. You can then do a little research into what plant type might best suit the desired space. Remember you can always supplement the available light with artificial light. This is especially useful in winter to keep plants healthy. Specialized grow lights are available from most large supermarkets or hardware stores.

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Growing Bertolonia

Growing Bertolonia – Bertolonia (or Jewel Plant) is an evergreen species of pretty, dwarf, creeping, tender perennials, native to tropical forests of Brazil. A rarity, but well worth looking for if you have a terrarium or plant window to fill. Not a good choice, however, for the living room – Bertolonia needs the high humidity of its jungle home. Bertolonia marmorata require special conditions of constant warmth and very humid atmosphere and will not thrive without them.

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Plant Care During The Summer Holidays

Your time for rest and relaxation away from home is a period of strain for the indoor plants which remain behind, but a little preparation before you leave will ensure that they will be unaffected by your absence.

Leaving plants during the summer months can be a problem because the plants will be actively growing and their water requirement will be much greater than during the winter months. If your holiday is for more than a week, the most satisfactory solution is to persuade a friend to call in occasionally and look after them. If your friend has little experience make sure that the perils of overwatering are explained.

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