How To Improve Your Soil By Adding Lime

How To Improve Your Soil By Adding Lime – Rain steadily washes lime out of your soil at an average rate of ½ oz per sq. yd. Slowly the land becomes more sour, and neither humus-makers nor the majority of fertilizers are of any help in correcting this condition. The answer is to apply lime – the oldest and still the best soil conditioner.

– Lime neutralizes sourness. Very few garden plants grow well under acid (sour) conditions. Continue Reading

The Ideal Soil For Your Garden

The ideal soil is made up of 22% water, 20% sand, 20% air, 15% silt, 10% clay, 8% ‘unavailable’ water (that is, water trapped within the soil that the plant cannot use) and 5% organic matter.

Soil texture is how the soil feels when you handle it. This is due to the basic rock the soil is made of and cannot be altered. Soil structure is how the particles are held together in the soil. This influences whether the plant can get at the air, water and nutrients in the soil. It can be improved by adding organic matter, ensuring good drainage and digging in fall season to allow the breakdown of clods in heavy soils during winter. It is surprising how much difference adding organic matter can make to almost any soil.

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