Desert Gardening: Create Your Summer Garden In The Desert

Desert Gardening: Create Your Summer Garden In The Desert -Most people think of the desert as a barren place filled with few animals and even fewer plants. If you did not grow up in the area your misconception of the beauty and contrast represented in the desert landscape will not be favorable. While it is admittedly a bit harder to raise plants in the arid desert states it is not impossible to create a work of art for your home. Desert gardening involves a lot of landscaping and even a bit of good soil forming but the results can be magnificent. Most homeowners spend a bit of time on their lawns and gardens and they are very proud to show off the results. Continue Reading

Early Summer Garden Checklist

As summer approaches it is wonderful to be able to relax and enjoy the garden.But, early summer is a busy time in the garden. The weather is now reliably warm almost everywhere, and plantings are filling in and looking good.

There are all kinds of critters walking around your garden and landscape just waiting to be discovered, seeds to be collected for next year, and annuals and perennials waiting to be deadheaded. When you cut back fading blooms, the energy will turn from producing seed to producing bigger and more abundant flowers this season. There is an early summer garden what-to-do checklist:

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