The Average Cost to Remove a Tree

Trees are fantastic beasts that can live up to a few thousand years, depending on the species. So most homeowners think they can plant a tree and leave it there practically forever.

But the reality is, trees are organic things that can be prone to disease and pest infestations. They might succumb to Mother Nature when she throws a tantrum, and they might also grow roots that are problematic for your property.

Whatever the case, you might find yourself needing tree removal services ASAP. But how much will the cost to remove a tree be?

Read on to find out how much removing a tree costs so you can budget better.

The Cost to Remove a Tree

First off, the average cost to remove a tree is around $750. However, the range is between $200 to $2,000, depending on some key factors.

Below are the things that’ll affect pricing for tree removal.

The Type of Tree

Because there are various tree species, some are tougher than others to remove. Not only can some grow larger than others, but some species will have more intricate branch systems as well.

If a tree is tall and thin, then arborists will need to bring in extra equipment for safe tree removal. And larger, denser trees will take much longer to remove, so professionals will charge accordingly for that.

How Tall the Tree Is

The taller the tree, the more time it’ll take to remove it from your property. In general, anything under 30 feet tall is considered “small”, which means they’ll cost less.

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What Condition the Tree’s In

Trees that are diseased and/or rotten will cost more to remove. This is because they’re usually not structurally sound, so arborists will need to provide extra support. That way, they can safely climb the tree and remove it piece by piece.

How Accessible the Tree Is

If a tree’s harder to get to and remove, then it’ll take more time. And more time equals more money.

Also, if there are branches growing over your home, this will cost extra to remove too. Arborists can’t just drop the branches after removal; they’ll need to be lowered slowly.

Where You Live

Areas with higher costs of living will have pricier services.

But if you live somewhere rural, you’re not off the hook either. In fact, you’ll likely be charged extra since the tree specialists have to travel extra to reach you.

These are all factors that affect how much tree removal costs, but the best thing to do is to request quotes from companies like This can narrow down the price a lot more!

Ask About Tree Removal Service Today

The cost to remove a tree ranges between $200 to $2,000.

To avoid a financial surprise, you should always call around and ask several professionals what they charge. That way, you can cross off anyone who’s dishonest and you can also get a better idea of what tree services cost.

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