The Impressive Benefits of Sod for Your Lawn

Americans love their lawns. You can tell because we drop around $40 billion annually on taking care of them. Granted, a lot of that goes to lawn care equipment, but it’s still a staggering amount of money.

Of course, loving a great lawn and getting a great-looking lawn aren’t always things that happen hand in hand. You might find that you have poor soil quality or that it will taking seeding. When faced with these problems, some homeowners turn to sod instead.

Never dealt with sod before? Keep reading to discover the benefits of sod for your lawn and home.

Limits Erosion

Anywhere the soil quality isn’t great or if you live in a more arid region, erosion becomes a major concern. If there are steep inclines on your property, those can become erosion hazards as well. Good ground cover plants help keep erosion at bay by securing the soil with a dense root system.

If you don’t already have good ground cover plants, sod is a nice shortcut. It arrives with a well-developed set of roots that can start sinking into the ground below almost immediately.

If erosion is one of your big concerns, you’ll probably want professional sod installation to help ensure it gets a good foothold in the underlying soil.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal isn’t just for when you want to sell your home. A lush lawn helps improve the overall look of your home and property. It’s a sign that you care about how you present your home to the world.

Of course, if you do decide to sell down the road, that lawn that looks amazing will also serve as a selling point for prospective buyers.

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Less Maintenance than Seed

Putting down grass seed is the other main alternative to sod, but it’s a work-intensive process with no guarantee of results. Seed takes a lot of water to germinate, which means you must go out and water your lawn multiple times a day. On top of that, it can take a month before the grass is established.

With sod, you typically water it twice a day for the first couple of weeks and then it’s no different than any other lawn.

It’s Fast

While you want to give the sod time to take root, it’s immediate. The sod goes down and you have an instant, gorgeous lawn. It’s almost the definition of instant gratification.

Are the Benefits of Sod Right for You?

Some homeowners relish the process of landscaping and gardening. They enjoy planting, watering, and watching things grow. If that’s not you, then the benefits of sod are a good option.

You get the immediate satisfaction of a lawn, boost your home’s curb appeal, and help prevent future erosion. You also avoid the trials and tribulations of trying to seed your own lawn with grass. Remember, birds like little seeds as a food source.

Plus, you get someone else to install it for you.

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