The Perfect Garden Greenhouse

Before choosing a garden greenhouse, ask yourself a few important questions: What style will look best in your garden? What weather factors should you take into consideration? Do you want your garden greenhouse to be freestanding or do you want to join it onto another building? What kind of plants do you want to grow there?

A freestanding garden greenhouse has the advantage of getting light from all sides, but your garden might not have room for such a structure. Lean-to greenhouses have the advantage of better support if you live in a place with strong winds which usually come from the same direction, such as a coastal property. If you live in a generally windy area you should also consider selecting a garden greenhouse with sturdy twin-wall panels as opposed to poly-film greenhouse covering – popular on many designs.

Greenhouse-Garden inside

When selecting a garden greenhouse for particular plants you’ll need to consider how much light those plants need and how tall they’ll grow. Some plants can be trained round across the roof of your garden greenhouse to give them extra growing space, but others will need a garden greenhouse with tall walls.

green house garden

Some people choose to install a garden greenhouse so that they can enjoy their favorite fruits and vegetables in an inhospitable climate, while others enjoy growing exotic flowers. If you’re in the latter group, you may prefer a garden greenhouse with strong aesthetic appeal, something which will make an attractive centerpiece in your garden. A garden greenhouse doesn’t need to be a simple glass shed – it can be a beautiful thing in its own right. Keep in mind though, that the clearer the greenhouse panels (such as glass), the less beneficial diffused light will be available for your plants.

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Whatever type of garden greenhouse you choose, you’ll find that using it adds an extra dimension to your gardening experience. It’ll give you something to do all year round, whatever the weather, and will greatly increase your gardening options. Your garden greenhouse won’t just be for the plants – it’ll be somewhere you enjoy relaxing.


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