Tips To Create A Focal Point In The Garden

Tips To Create A Focal Point In The Garden – In the garden people should instantly feel that they are in a tranquil place of beauty, calm and enjoyment. One way to make sure that this is the case is to make sure that the visual aspects of your garden are attractive in all the right ways. What this means is that your eye should be drawn to one place as you enter the garden. Your eyes should also be drawn in a certain way in different directions within the garden. As you enter the garden, your focal point should be somewhere in your field of view. It should not be straight ahead of the entrance to the garden, but it should be that it is off either to the right or to the left side as you enter the garden. This is important because as you enter the garden this feeling of tranquility should be immediate.




There are many ways to create eye-catching points in your garden: some of which include color, and others of which include shapes. The key is to use a distinct variety of either color or shape, and eyes will naturally be drawn to the area where the scheme creates a focus. This could be done without the help of a professional designer. What you first need to do is decide which types of flowers and plants, as well as which types of furniture (if any) you would like to include in your garden. Once these basic questions are answered, you’re ready to start planning your garden with gusto.

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A good place to start is with furniture since plants and flowers can be arranged around the bigger items such as benches and arches. Benches are ideal furniture for a garden; benches can help make a garden into a haven for relaxation. A bench can be white in stark contrast to the greenery around it; white benches evoke a Victorian or English garden environment. More rustic gardens can have benches of unfinished wood that blend more into the surroundings. As a focal point, a white bench pops out against the background much more clearly, so if you want a really distinct focal point in your garden, a white bench or white Adirondack chairs might just be the way to go. For a less obvious focal point that guests don’t even consciously recognize as a focal point, a bench that blends into the scenery is a good option.

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Other fixtures that can serve as focal points in a garden are bird feeders, arches and fountains. All of these can be made as ornate and obviously focal points as you wish them to be, or they can be downplayed and integrated into the landscape so as to create an effortless focal point.

Another great way to make focal points in your gardening area is to use color. How this is done is by creating a color palette which you have many shades of one family of color and then you introduce a focal point that is of a complementing color but that is in an entirely different color family.

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For example, if you like blues and purples, you can use different shades of blue and purple and the colors in between, and then introduce, in the center of a large area of blue/purple, a cluster of vibrant yellow flowers. Since yellow will complement all of the shades of blue and purple, it will seem at home among the blues and purples, but it will visually pop out of the blue/purple background. This sort of focal point can be used in gardens with lots of flowering plant activity; in gardens without lots of flowers, it’s best to stick to the above idea with furniture creating visual interest.

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