Top 7 DIY Ideas for Your Garden

Improving your garden is a precious investment on the path to harmony. You can decorate your yard not only with expensive novelties. In this article you will find the best DIY ideas for your garden design: diversify your leisure time and enjoy the results of creativity every day, just leaving the house!

Ideas worth borrowing from the Spaniards: the majestic arch

The Spanish culture of horticulture has been striking since ancient times with its optimization solutions in difficult climatic conditions. It’s a brilliant idea to visit Spain to see blooming gardens and interesting architectural solutions with your own eyes. Check out how to hire car in Spain to have high mobility on your trip.
Renting a car will allow you to be inspired by visiting different regions of the country along your route. Among the local cars for hire, choose SUVs so that a bad road does not become a hindrance to your exploration.
When traveling, pay attention to decor elements that are easy to implement with your own hands. For example, consider an arch with a garden trellis. Style your garden arch with a Roman-era touch by building a wood mesh to support your plants. Shelter under the shadow of the arch vine or wisteria.

Make a mini garden out of a broken pot

Dropped a ceramic pot? Do not rush to throw away the pieces: now you have the opportunity to build a multi-level mini-garden. Carefully glue the fragments, and decorate the craft with colored glass or gravel. Plant small, bright flowers in a new pot, or master the art of bonsai for a change.

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Decor elements from old furniture

Have you done a renovation, and now the old furniture is gathering dust in the attic? Unload your space – make a garden bed out of an old chest of drawers. Color the boxes with bright paint and plant flowers or evergreens in them. You can make a beautiful pond from the old bath. If it is possible to provide aeration and proper water filtration, you can settle fish in such a reservoir.

Pallet garden furniture

Be creative: crate-mounted pallets or rocks can make for a great bench. A few pillows and a blanket will turn a bench into a cozy sofa. A couple of sturdy trees, ropes, and pallets are all you need to make your garden swing. The presence of garden furniture allows you to spend more time outdoors and arrange gatherings in nature without leaving the territory of the house!

Own botanical garden

Diversify your garden with many types of plants and do not forget to label them so as not to get confused. Making your plaques is a great excuse to get into wood engraving and explore botany. Make sure that the inscriptions are moisture-resistant. Fix the signs on sticks and set them in the ground – your botanical garden is ready, invite guests and arrange excursions!
Travel and add exotic plants to your collection in different countries. Evaluate car hiring options in advance so that the plants do not experience stress on the road.

Set up a walking path

It is convenient when there is a path in the garden: you do not trample on the plants and do not pollute the shoes. It is easy to make a garden path with your own hands without spending on consumables. Ideas for materials that are suitable for creating a path:

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If you decide to pave the path with gravel, be sure to build bumpers (for example, from large stones) to keep the path looking tidy.

Make a fountain

Decorate your garden with a homemade watering can fountain. Fix the watering cans one above the other at an angle, so that the water flows from one can to another. Adjust the water supply using the water pump and transparent hoses. Decorate the fountain with lanterns or garlands.


Decorating a garden with your own hands is a doable and inexpensive task. Get inspired by taking yourself on a horticultural tour of different countries, and don’t forget to hire a car to build routes away from the tourist spots.


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