Tuning A Lawn Mower

If you love a beautiful lawn in your garden, lawn mower is an essential component that is needed in the maintenance of the lawn and with the help of it you can evenly cut the grass to give your lawn a neat green appearance. If you underrate the importance of the lawn mower and the lawn mowing you are sure to get long messy grass that would disturb the whole look of the place and your lawn would be more like a bushy land rather than a greenish one. However many a times our lawn mower deceives us and starts to create problems. Sometimes it requires more time and energy to start up than it would otherwise have taken. When this is the condition of your lawn mower it is high time you should think of tuning it up.

Tuning up a lawn mower is an easy task that should be carried out regularly in order to enjoy its smooth working. Many people tune up their lawn mower at the start of the spring to get the maximum benefit because this is the time when the maximum grass grows. However once a year tuning is the minimum recommendation. You do not need any trained professional for the task rather it can be performed on the do-it-yourself basis. All you need to do is to follow the given instructions.


Whenever you decide to start the tuning process you need to give a warm up exercise to the engine. Fill the gas in the tank of the lawn mower till it is full, then yank the cord and move it in the lawn for mowing till the gas tank is empty. At this time your lawn mower is ready for its working. Now disconnect the spark plug to avoid any kind of accident. If you don’t take this necessary measure many times there is a chance of the accidental startup that would cause significant injury.

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Now open the oil tank and remove all the dirt and dust around it. If your oil tank is equipped with a dipstick also unscrew and clean it. There is a plug at the lower end of the oil tank which should be removed to drain the oil. After all the oil is drained replace it with the new oil that is mentioned in the manual of your manufacturer and put the plug and the dipstick back into position.


If your spark plug has been frayed you should also change the spark plug. For this purpose clean the area around the wire. Make sure it is disconnected so that you incur no accident. Remove the old plug with a wrench and replace it with a new plug as mentioned in the manual. Each lawn mower has its own construction and therefore it is always useful to consult the manual time by time. The lawn mowers contain a paper air filter that also needs to be changed for the efficient working. You just have to unscrew the cover, remove the previous worn out filter and place a new one. Screw the cover back to its place once you are done. Reconnect the spark plug after you have done things and check if the performance is better.

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