Venidium Plant

Venidium plant (Monarch of the Veldt, Cape Daisy) is in the aster family and it certainly deserves to be better known. The sunflower-like blooms are 4 in across and they are quite distinctive – at the base of each inner petal is a purple-black blotch, providing a rayed effect around the rim of the prominent black disc. The blooms on their long stems make excellent cut flowers. Mix Cape Daisy flowers into the border or plant around the vegetable garden, as they are very attractive to beneficial insects and pollinators.

Venidium Fastuosum

Varieties of Venidium

Venidium fastuosum grows about 2 ft high. The deeply-lobed foliage is silvery and the flowers are orange. The stems usually require staking. ‘Dwarf Hybrids’ require no support – the plants do not exceed 1 ft and the flower colors range from pale cream to deep orange. A good choice for tubs in a sunny situation.

Site and soil

Venidium plants like Cape Daisies are pretty easy plants to look after, water sparingly as they prefer a dry soil, stake larger varieties. Thrives in light, well-drained soil – full sun is essential.

Venidium plant details

Unless you live in a warm area it is best to grow Venidium plants indoors. Height 1 or 2 ft. Spacing 1 ft. Flowering period June – October.

Alternatively sow seeds outdoors in May.

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