Verbascum – Rock Mullein

The stately 6 ft Mulleins which grace the back of the border have three lowly relatives which are at home in the rock garden. The family traits are there – the need for a sunny home, leaves which are hairy or spiky and profusion of saucer-shaped blooms.

Varieties: The rockery species is closest in growth habit to the border Mullenies is V.dumulosum – height 9 in., spread 1ft, flowering period June-July. The flowering spikes bearing yellow blooms grow firm and upright from tufts of greyish, woolly leavs, V. spinosum is quite diferent – the leaves are toothed and spiny, and the yellow blooms are borne in loose flower-heads. These two species are accidentally crossed at Wisley Gardens and the resulting hibryd has become. the most popular Rock Mullein – V. Letitia. The basic details are height 9in., spread 1 ft, flowering period June – August. It si a shrubby perennial with velvety leaves and is covered 1/2 in. yellow blooms in summer.

Site & Soil : Requires well-drained soil and full sun.

Propagation: Plant root cuttings in a cold frame in late winter.

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