Well-Placed Attractive Decking

Well-Placed Attractive Decking – Landscape architects and developers pass up the opportunity to enhance the ambiance of their projects by including some well-placed attractive decking. Everyone loves a deck. Backyard decks are so inviting and they make you want to kick back and relax. Even a simple wooden deck gives you place to sit and enjoy during summer season. When you have guests at your home, you can all assemble there and have a small barbeque session. Many are deterred, though, by the inherent problems associated with the hitherto universal use of timber in these amenities. Decks are not cheap and they usually require a considerable amount of maintenance. But their benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Where well-placed attractive decking is an essential part of the project, such as marina and waterside walkways, balconies and rooftop gardens, isolating the decking from the watery surroundings is an expensive necessity. Floating pontoons decked with timber require considerable maintenance to keep them safe.

Timber decking is a favorite growing medium for moss and algae. Once established, elimination is an ongoing battle, and casualness about its presence often ends in accidents and costly claims. Even relatively new timber decking, when wet, rapidly adopts a rink-like, friction-free, smoothness.

In more good-natured environments too little attention is paid to what is happening un-seen, perhaps underneath. Hidden rot may manifest only after a splinter-producing fracture has resulted in injury or damage. Attempts to establish safety ratings for timber decking fail because of batch to batch, and even plank to plank, variations.

These safety and maintenance aspects have driven the search for alternative decking materials. The development of modern composites has also resulted in additional benefits making decking increasingly attractive.

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