Why Should You Clear Your Site Once The Work Is Complete?

If you have decided to have your trees pruned or you have had them removed, you’ll find that the job causes a lot of waste and debris. In fact, you don’t realise how much waste is generated until after because it’s difficult to determine how big a tree really is until work is carried out on it.

However, when the work is completed, you will need to make sure that you remove waste and clear your site – but why should you do this?

Waste Becomes a Danger

From sharp branches to large branches, when you have a lot of waste, you should make sure that you remove it to reduce any risk. It can become a trip hazard and it can also cause problems should the weather change. Wind could result in debris being blown around and that could cause damage to homes, vehicles and even injure people.

Prevent the Risk of Disease

magine a scenario: you’ve moved to your dream house with the help of a London to Berlin removals company, done some renovations, and forgot to get rid of the debris. Unfortunately, when you leave debris and waste behind, nature will take over and that could mean that disease becomes an issue. issue. When disease develops, it could become a risk to wildlife and even domestic pets. Furthermore, it could pass onto nearby trees and that could cause trees and other plants to die.

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Attract Pests

When you have a mass of waste and cuttings, it becomes the ideal place for pests to thrive. Rats and mice might decide to take up home in your waste and that could result in you experiencing problems inside your home too. When you have a rat infestation, the problem can prove difficult to solve as a rat population can increase rapidly. You might find that they manage to get into your loft, into wall cavities and even cause damage to electrical cables.

Kill Plants and Grass

If you leave tree cuttings and waste then you will find that your garden will suffer from growth problems. When you cover grass and other plants with cuttings and waste then they will prevent sunlight from getting through and they might even stop rain water from finding its way into the soil. What this means is that your plants, grass and trees won’t be able to get the right amount of food and nutrients needed to survive and that could result in dead patches of grass, damaged trees and plants too.

Keep Your Garden Tidy

Nobody wants to look at garden waste, especially during the spring and summer months when we use our gardens more. It can be unsightly, can smell when it begins rotting and prevent you from using your garden too. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to remove all waste as this will give you a clear garden that can be used without any risks or problems.

So, when it comes to having your trees removed, you should make sure that you use a company that offers site clearances Essex. This will ensure your garden is safe, clear and is ready for you to use!

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