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Window Garden – If window boxes and hanging baskets are the only garden you have, make the most of them. It is wonderful that English pubs have gone so wholeheartedly for highly colored hanging baskets and window boxes. Many are truly splendid in their rich and varied plantings, but all the best ones have very deliberate color schemes. They are not simply a chaos of any old colors planted together.

If you like these cheerful displays, note down what plants have been used to create them and do the same at home.

window garden

However, not every window box gardener wants to be quite so flamboyant. There are plenty of other ways of making the most of window boxes. The mixed colors of red, purple and white pelargoniums with some trailing ivy will look bright and cheerful all flowering season.

Herb window boxes can be both charming and useful. Choose herbs that all like the same conditions and that will grow to much the same sort of height or the display won’t work or will look unbalanced. Sage, golden marjoram, a dwarf lavender and chives could make an interesting and tasty display.

If the window garden is on the shady side of the house, you can plant miniature bamboos in window boxes, which will provide a sort of lacy curtain of green. Choose containers that suit the style of the house and make sure the boxes are firmly secured.



Herb window gardens


Pelargoniums window garden

window-garden3 window-garden1


window-garden5 window-garden-roses


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