Your Cottage Garden In June

Your Cottage Garden In June – June is invariably a busy month for the keen gardener with general garden maintenance consuming the majority of your time. Seedlings should be watered early in the morning and again late evening particularly if you have had a hot summer’s day. Whilst watering inspect the plants as this is an excellent opportunity for you to spot any possible problems long before they develop. Look for the beginning of any diseases or infestations for example greenfly and apply treatment to any of them early on prior to them getting out of hand.

When the weather conditions are very hot probably the single most crucial thing you could do in the garden would be to make sure the plants are kept properly watered.


If you have a vegetable plot in your summer garden it is even more crucial to keep the plants well watered. When it comes to watering the most important thing to remember is that you should never water in the heat of the day and always avoid watering in direct sunlight. Do your watering early in the day prior to when the sun is too high or later in the evening as soon as the sun has gone down. You also need to ensure that the root on your plants receive a good soaking don’t just simply sprinkle water across the foliage.


Always check your fruit shrubs and bushes for hazardous bugs and disorders, and attend to as needed. Arrange a net structure all around ones soft fruit shrubs and plants like strawberries, tomatoes, berries etc. These will be a superb meal for a variety of birds and you could soon find your plants stripped of their fruit.

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In June you will also be able to plant later season vegetable and flower plants so now is the time to check out the garden plants for sale at your internet florists. No matter whether you are looking for cottage garden plants or plants for your country estate we have exactly what you need.


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